Who or what is #Deep13?

#Deep13 is a community that was originally conceived in 1997 as an IRC channel for fans of the original Mystery Science Theater 3000 TV series. Even though an IRC channel is still operated on the PsiGenix IRC network, we are now more active on social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Though many of us have known each other for at least a decade, we are a very mellow group of individuals who are mostly known for our humor, so anyone is welcome to join us on either platform.


#Deep13 was founded as a vanity project in December of 1997 by an enterprising individual who was heading other MST 3K-related projects on the internet. At the time, the show was still producing new episodes on the Sci-Fi Channel, so a channel was set up on the network's official IRC server - known as "Events" - and was designated as an officially recognized channel by the server's moderators. As a result, a stable community was able to grow and prosper for a few years. However, due to a rift with the channel's founder, #Deep13 broke off into an independent operation. Since then, it has gone through numerous servers and channel owners, as well as a fair bit of drama and convention meet-ups. Now more ingrained beyond the realm of IRC, #Deep13 refers more to the community of channel alumni than the MST 3K-themed chatroom that created it.

The Website

The #Deep13 website was born as deep13.org in 1999, serving very little purpose beyond being a presence on the then-young world wide web. There had always been grand plans for the site for many years afterward, but it ultimately found its niche as a news site - by and for the channel's regulars - following a transfer of ownership in 2002. It continued in this capacity until disagreements between channel regulars led to the site being closed in 2007, with the domain eventually expiring in 2008. The domain itself was quickly snatched up by a Japanese interest for questionable purposes.

In 2010, a new site was born on the august4th.org family of sites, albeit as a scaled-back general information site. Further scaling back has been done so the site can serve as a tribute to the original channel and community, and as a portal for people who wish to stay in contact us.

Where is #Deep13?

#Deep13 is still maintained as a channel on the PsiGenix IRC network, which can be accessed on the main page of this site. If you would prefer to use your own desktop or mobile IRC client, connect to the network using the server irc.psigenix.net. It is very lightly visited, however, and only active during special events.

A group for channel regulars and alumni is maintained on Facebook. It is currently closed to the public, but you are able to request to be added. It is very unlikely that you will not be accepted by a moderator, but your profile information and post history may determine whether or not you actually will be.

Similar to the Facebook group, but less active. Also requires a request to be added, and profile information and post history will determine whether you're added.