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2004 Introduction:

It's difficult to pinpoint the exact turning point for when #Deep13 became the storied channel it is today. Well, then again, maybe not. In fact, simply go back to Thursday, July 29th, 1999, and you'll find the answer. This date is significant for many reasons. For one, it's the second in a duo of succesful PEZings by former #Deep13 regulars BobIshmael and DarkonZero. But second, and most important, it introduces us to an 11-year-old Romanian named omega. This moment in time effectively begins the dark days of the StarLink era that would lead to us migrating from the server and ultimately being banished from it for good. It began the infamous period of constant newbie-bashing and transformed #Deep13 from a simple MST 3K chatroom into a nomadic band of misfits. Sounds cool, huh? No wonder it's a hay-load of fun to be associated with us. Okay, we've actually toned down our attitudes since then... but here's a historical look at how we were when we didn't care much about people who weren't us, and when we had a lot of fun in doing so.

Special thanks go to DarkonZero for certain portions of the log.

- RobertoKay

*** omega ( has joined #Deep13
<UltraZero> Oh your computer....
<S9-Sentry> Look alive people! omega is here!!!
<UltraZero> OOOOOH!
<omega> hello
<TGoodchild> hey there omega!
<MSTManos> Hey there omega
<omega> how is every one
*** UltraZero is now known as DarkonZero
<DarkonZero> Peachy!
<Sentroid99> Omega Supreme?
<MSTManos> Fine
<BobIshmael> How are we what?
*** BobIshmael is now known as Alpha
*** DarkonZero is now known as Linux
<omega> haha
<Alpha> C'mon! We can get an greek alphabet thing going on!
*** Sentroid99 is now known as sigma
<omega> linux much btetter
<Alpha> Linux is not is the greek alphabet!
*** Linux is now known as Zed
<omega> linux much better
*** Alpha is now known as RedHat
*** sigma is now known as Unix
*** Zed is now known as Mandrake
<RedHat> Boy, are we having fun or what? "Or what."
<Mandrake> No.
<Unix> What
<RedHat> Bite me.
*** RedHat is now known as BobIshmael
<Mandrake> I can't.
*** Unix is now known as Sentroid99
<BobIshmael> Sure you can! You can accomplish anything!
*** Mandrake is now known as BobIshmeal
<BobIshmael> Err..
<BobIshmeal> What?
*** omega has quit IRC (Read error to omega[]: Connection reset by peer)
*** Sentroid99 is now known as BobIhsmael
<BobIshmeal> YAY!
<MSTManos> Aw
<BobIshmael> Nothing.
<MSTManos> omega seemed like a fun guy
<BobIhsmael> what?!
*** omega ( has joined #Deep13
<BobIshmael> He did.
<S9-Sentry> Oh look who's here, it's what's his face. Is it omega??
<TGoodchild> Parts: The BobIshmael Horror!
<BobIshmael> Omega!
<MSTManos> He's back! Yay!
* BobIshmael hugs omega.
<BobIshmeal> It's "Appriciate Bob Day"!
<BobIhsmael> Omega Supreme is back!
<omega> haha
<BobIhsmael> what?!
<BobIshmael> Boy, easy audience.
*** BobIhsmael is now known as Sentroid99
*** BobIshmeal is now known as DarkonZero
<BobIshmael> Damn right.
<BobIshmael> omega, how are YOU doing?
<DarkonZero> It's "Depriciate Bob Day"!
<S9-Sentry> I can't really say. You see, i'm only a bot. Ask Sentroid91.
<DarkonZero> How am I?
<BobIshmael> No one cares about you, DZ.
<DarkonZero> how is Manos?
<BobIshmael> We only want to know about omega.
<MSTManos> I'm fine... what's your point?
<DarkonZero> Ok....
<DarkonZero> MY PEZ!
*** DarkonZero is now known as PEZHead
<BobIshmael> omega, have you seen our PEZ?
* MSTManos stares at omega
<PEZHead> What happened to our PEZ?
<omega> ?
* PEZHead starts to sob......
<omega> what is PEZ
<BobIshmael> omega, you didn't take our PEZ.. Did you?!
*** PEZHead is now known as DarkonZero
<omega> nop
<omega> what is that
<BobIshmael> According to this scan, you have our PEZ!
<BobIshmael> Please give it back.
<DarkonZero> Yuppers on that.
<omega> what the fuck it is
<omega> whant a kill
<BobIshmael> This isn't funny, give our PEZ back now.
<DarkonZero> Please watch the language.
<TGoodchild> Watch the language? Do we have minors among us tonight?
<omega> what is that
<DarkonZero> You know....PEZ.
<BobIshmael> If you don't knwo what it is, then why did you take it?
*** Sentroid99 has quit IRC (Read error to Sentroid99[]: Connection reset by peer)
*** S9-Sentry has quit IRC (Read error to S9-Sentry[]: EOF from client)
<omega> what is that
<CallipyG> Omega, give back the PEZ or we'll be forced to have Mars take decisive action.
<DarkonZero> He's playing dumb.......
<MSTManos> Omega, we're nice people here, and we refuse to use any of that crappy potty language... oops
<omega> i don't now what is it
<omega> i'm a nice guy
<omega> tell me what is it
<MSTManos> Wait a minute, we're talking about the hard candy, right?
<BobIshmael> Okay, fine. We know you're a nice guy, so please give it back.
<TGoodchild> Hey, do you think you could cut back on the casual swearing? - Hell yes!
<omega> tell me what is it
* CallipyG watches the firing squad (version 2.1, compliments of Tyris) line up in front of: omega If omega makes a move of any kind, they will be shot. Also, if anyone accidentally says "Fire" omega might get shot by accident so be careful.
*** BobIshmael changes topic to 'PEZ Missing from #Deep13: 13.7pu'
<DarkonZero> Flire!
<BobIshmael> (PEZ Units)
*** BobIshmael changes topic to 'PEZ Missing from #Deep13: 13.9pu'
<omega> it a a candy
*** omega was kicked by CallipyG (4FIRE!)
<DarkonZero> HEY!
*** omega ( has joined #Deep13
<BobIshmael> STOP TAKING IT!
<omega> what is it
* CallipyG watches the firing squad (version 2.1, compliments of Tyris) line up in front of: omega If omega makes a move of any kind, they will be shot. Also, if anyone accidentally says "Fire" omega might get shot by accident so be careful.
*** BobIshmael changes topic to 'PEZ Missing from #Deep13: 14.2pu'
<DarkonZero> HE'S TAKING MORE!
<omega> i will give it back bit tell me what is it
*** omega was kicked by CallipyG (4FIRE!)
*** omega ( has joined #Deep13
* CallipyG watches the firing squad (version 2.1, compliments of Tyris) line up in front of: omega If omega makes a move of any kind, they will be shot. Also, if anyone accidentally says "Fire" omega might get shot by accident so be careful.
<omega> and pls stop
*** omega was kicked by CallipyG (4FIRE!)
*** omega ( has joined #Deep13
<omega> stop
<omega> stop
<omega> stop
<omega> stop
<omega> stop
<omega> stop
<BobIshmael> omega, give our PEZ back!
<TGoodchild> whee! Fun with bots! How... what's the word... shallow?
<omega> ok i guve it back
<TGoodchild> Nah.
*** BobIshmael changes topic to 'PEZ Missing from #Deep13: 14.7pu'
<omega> but pls shut up
<BobIshmael> HEY!
<BobIshmael> Knock it off! Give ALL of our PEZ back!
<CallipyG> Goodchild, first of all, it's called a script; second of all, it's how i kick most people.
<omega> but first tell me what is it
<TGoodchild> well, whichever, it's a bit lame, callipy.
*** Sentroid99 ( has joined #Deep13
*** Mars sets mode: +o Sentroid99
<MSTManos> omega, I thought we said no potty talk...
<BobIshmael> PEZ is what #deep13 thrives on! IT can't exist without it!
<omega> potty smotty
<BobIshmael> So stop taking it and give it back!
<CallipyG> why do you say that, Goodchild?
<DarkonZero> We really need it!
<CallipyG> did I ever use it on you?
<TGoodchild> Well, not yet...
<CallipyG> then shut the fuck up!
<omega> nop
<Sentroid99> PEZ leads to hunger, hunger leads to thirst, thrist leads to more hunger
<BobIshmael> Quiet, both of you! Can't you see we have a larger problem!
<BobIshmael> PEZ is the mindkiller! PEZ is the little death that brings total oblivion!
<omega> haha
<TGoodchild> I just think using chat to lord your programming mastery over others is a bit ... well ... silly.
<TGoodchild> Dune fan, eh, Bob?
<BobIshmael> Eh.
<BobIshmael> I thought it was alright.
<TGoodchild> The movie?
<CallipyG> i'm not lording my programming mastery over anyone.
<CallipyG> i'm kicking him.
<BobIshmael> I don't need IRC to lord my programming mastery over others.
* omega ! waves with WavGet V1.8 ( [badboycd.wav 553KB 3:08 11kHz 24kbit/s] [New Files]
<Sentroid99> ick. I hated that program
<Sentroid99> although.
<BobIshmael> And, TGood, I've yet to read the book. So, yes, the movie.
<DarkonZero> Now......the many units do we have left.
<DarkonZero> . to ?
<BobIshmael> Looks like 18.3
<DarkonZero> Is it still dropping?
<CallipyG> If I wanted to lord my programming mastery over everyone, T, i'd do something like this:
*** BobIshmael changes topic to 'PEZ Missing from #Deep13: 15.0pu'
* CallipyG bites TGoodchild in the G!
<BobIshmael> ACK!
<omega> if don't unload that script i can get you g:line
<BobIshmael> CallipyG: The /me Programming Master!
* omega Programming Master!
<TGoodchild> What
<DarkonZero> But bad speller.
<BobIshmael> OMEGA, PEX THEIF!
<omega> yes it is true
<TGoodchild> What's a G!?
* MSTManos will explode in...
<CallipyG> it's a letter in your nick
<MSTManos> 10
<omega> youl see
<MSTManos> 9
<MSTManos> 8
<MSTManos> 7
<MSTManos> 6
<BobIshmael> Err, PEZ.
<MSTManos> 5
<MSTManos> 4
* CallipyG bites TGoodchild in the c!
<MSTManos> 3
<MSTManos> 2
* CallipyG bites TGoodchild in the i!
<MSTManos> 1
* CallipyG bites TGoodchild in the h!
* CallipyG bites TGoodchild in the d!
* MSTManos explodes
* CallipyG bites TGoodchild in the G!
<CallipyG> i'm sure you get the idea.
*** MSTManos is now known as ManosRIP
<DarkonZero> Uh oh.....Manos died.
<omega> pls come to #omega and i have something for all
<TGoodchild> Ah!
<CallipyG> that one probably took me longer than the firing squad.
<DarkonZero> Uh huh.....
<Sentroid99> sure we won't
<BobIshmael> We will if you give us our PEZ back!
<omega> DarkonZero CallipyG and TGoodchild
<DarkonZero> Yes....please...our PEZ/
<CallipyG> Why type /kick when you can do something more interesting?
*** BobIshmael changes topic to 'PEZ Missing from #Deep13: 15.3pu'
<omega> ok here is your PEX
<omega> ok here is your PEZ
<BobIshmael> Callipy, TGood! Stop bickering and try to help get our PEZ back!
<omega> fuck you
<DarkonZero> No......that is not our PEZ.
<BobIshmael> omega, yeah. Real funny. Seriously, give it back.
<Sentroid99> Mars told me to tell you guys to stop
<TGoodchild> How can you have pez in IRC?
<Sentroid99> omega, please do not use offensive language in this channel. (You will not be warned again)
*** ManosRIP is now known as MSTManos
<TGoodchild> Am I getting kicked repeatedly or am I just having connection troubles?
<MSTManos> Omega, we've talked about that potty talk!
<omega> potty smotty
* CallipyG realizes that from that last comment TGood obviously has no sense of humor and stops bickering
<BobIshmael> Potty smotty? Where?!
<omega> haha
<MSTManos> Potty smotty?
<omega> your not funny
*** omega was kicked by BobIshmael (My not funny?)
*** omega ( has joined #deep13
*** BobIshmael changes topic to 'PEZ Missing from #Deep13: 15.7pu'
<TGoodchild> No, I've got a sense of humor, just not a lot of IRC knowledge...
<BobIshmael> HEY!
<omega> that will be funny when you get k:lined
*** omega was kicked by Sentroid99 (Don't come back til you find Bob's PEZ!)
*** Sentroid99 sets mode: +b *!*HT_OMEGA@*
*** Sentroid99 sets mode: -b *!*HT_OMEGA@*
<CallipyG> -Mars- omega is NOT an Irc Operator.
<Sentroid99> Yup. Mars knows best
<CallipyG> oh, he's gone
<TGoodchild> Wow, you just kind of exiled omega, eh?
<Sentroid99> Anyways, who's he to come into our room and complain about us?
<Sentroid99> There's a thing called leaving.
<TGoodchild> I think he was just confused about the whole PEZ deal. So am I, now that I mention it...
<BobIshmael> He was.
<Sentroid99> no, I just wanted him kicked so he wouldn't come back for awhile
<BobIshmael> But, he was stupid or he was a kid, so he deserved it.
<MSTManos> He's not gonna come back with that PEZ, is he?
<Sentroid99> note that I unbanned him right after that
<Sentroid99> I hope he does
<TGoodchild> So, anyway, two questions.
<MSTManos> Confused?
<Sentroid99> omega on @#omega @#A.F.L #BAM
<MSTManos> Hell, he was stupified!
<BobIshmael> That's why I didn't kick him (that often) and rambled on about PEZ.

Session Time: Fri Jul 30 00:00:00 1999

*** omega ( has joined #Deep13
<BobIshmael> That's the whole point, Manos.
<MSTManos> Oh.
<MSTManos> Tee-hee
<DarkonZero> OUR PEZ!
<Sentroid99> Did you find Bob's PEZ?
<TGoodchild> 1. How do you get pez in IRC?
<omega> ok
<omega> nop i don't get pez in irc
<BobIshmael> omega, will you just check your computer?
<Sentroid99> well you should try. It's pretty easy.
<BobIshmael> That way you can see you took it (even if by accident).
<omega> how and what to search
<MSTManos> How? What?
<Sentroid99> for Bob's PEZ!
<BobIshmael> What sort of computer do you have?
<MSTManos> Shees!
<omega> pc
<MSTManos> +h
<Sentroid99> a Compac?
<omega> ?
<BobIshmael> IBM? What brand of computer?
<TGoodchild> 2. Is all this uncontrolled scrolling on my screen caused by being kicked, or what?
<Sentroid99> I bet he's got a Compaq Presario, or some other brand.
<MSTManos> IBM? Mac? Linux Red Hat? Unix?
<Sentroid99> Compaq?
<omega> i have linux
<MSTManos> HA!
<Sentroid99> On a Compaq?
<omega> nop 486
<Sentroid99> Exactly, a Compaq.
<MSTManos> Brand name...
<BobIshmael> Okay, omega. Is there a grill on the back?
<DarkonZero> Well...still you have to check it.
<omega> grill nop
<BobIshmael> How about a fan?
* omega ! waves with WavGet V1.8 ( [badboycd.wav 553KB 3:08 11kHz 24kbit/s] [New Files]
<omega> what fan
<DarkonZero> Cooling fan.....
<BobIshmael> Is there a small fan on the back of your computer?
<omega> let me check
<TGoodchild> Okay, well, I signed on to chat, not to watch lame-ass pranks. Adios.
*** TGoodchild has quit IRC (TGoodchild)
<Sentroid99> is there a plug coming out of the back?
<BobIshmael> What is TGood talking about? I think he's high.
<Sentroid99> Or is it flat, with two knobs? And do you have to shake it to make the picture more clear?
<BobIshmael> He needs to stop abusing drugs.
<CallipyG> TGoodchild is an asshole.
<omega> nop
<BobIshmael> No fan?
<omega> what fan
<BobIshmael> On the back of your computer.
<omega> yes
<omega> on the back of the comp'
<DarkonZero> Yes....
<BobIshmael> Behind that fan is your ASB PCP Bus...
<BobIshmael> If you did take our PEZ, there will be two plasma lines on it.
<BobIshmael> If you didn't there won't be any lines.
<BobIshmael> Can you see the ASB PCP Bus?
<omega> yes
<omega> no lines
*** TGoodchild (~java@ has joined #Deep13
<DarkonZero> Are you sure?
<BobIshmael> How can you see that? Do you have a flashlight or something?
<omega> yes i'm sure
<TGoodchild> Okay, nevermind...
<omega> yes that is my network adapter
<TGoodchild> I gotta admit I'm curious to see how the prank turns out.
<MSTManos> Network adapter?
<BobIshmael> No, next to the network adapter.
<MSTManos> Ooh, impressive
<omega> yes i have netwok
<MSTManos> (Not)
<omega> yes i have network
<omega> nop
<BobIshmael> The ASB PSP Bus is next to your adapter, BEHIND the fan, and next to the RSVP Chipset.
* omega ! waves with WavGet V1.8 ( [badboycd.wav 553KB 3:08 11kHz 24kbit/s] [New Files]
<MSTManos> No, you don't have network?
<BobIshmael> It's not next to the fan, it's behind it.
<BobIshmael> Inside.
<MSTManos> The movie with Peter Finch? You don't have that?
<omega> yes i have then how do i have internet
<TGoodchild> RSVP Chipset... that's the module that responds to invitations automatically, right?
<MSTManos> about via modem?
<omega> i have out modem
<MSTManos> Uh...
<MSTManos> Interesting
* Sentroid99 is afk
<MSTManos> (Yeah, right)
<BobIshmael> omega! I just scanned you again, you do have it! Look again.
<omega> if you guys ask again something there is a room for every one in my ignore list
<omega> i don't have it
<BobIshmael> Then why does this scan say you do?
<omega> i have just about top of you
<MSTManos> Uh, then why are we here instead?
<omega> don't get me upset
<Sentroid99> You know. Someone once told me, if you don't like it, then leave.
<BobIshmael> What about us? We're upset that you took our PEZ!
<CallipyG> There might be a room for everyone on your ignore list... but we're not on your ignore list
<omega> you will be
<TGoodchild> Anywhoo, as I said long ago... anyone seen 'The Big Sleep'?
<CallipyG> And when we do get there, we ain't budging from #Deep13
<BobIshmael> Hold on, is he saying he's ignoring everyone on this server?
-> *omega* No I'm not. Look.
<Sentroid99> So basically, it's an empty threat, omega.
<DarkonZero> I guss so.
<omega> fuck you
*** omega ( has left #Deep13
<CallipyG> When you look at it that way, Bob, yes
<MSTManos> What have we said about that potty mouth, omega... oh, he's gone
<TGoodchild> What am I missing here?
<MSTManos> :-(
<DarkonZero> And hence he left.
<Sentroid99> well that was FUNNT!
<DarkonZero> FUNNT!
<Sentroid99> FUNNT!
<CallipyG> What an incredible closing statement!
<TGoodchild> Yeah... destroying some random stranger... fun.
*** omega ( has joined #Deep13
<TGoodchild> I'm beind ignored, aren't I?
<omega> if you whant it you have to beg
<Sentroid99> Back to annoy us some more?
<CallipyG> omega's got NETWORK!
<DarkonZero>'re back....with our PEZ I assume?
<DarkonZero> NETWORK!
<TGoodchild> It would help if I could spell, huh?
<MSTManos> The 1975 Peter Finch movie!
*** TGoodchild has quit IRC (TGoodchild)
<DarkonZero> Yes....he is....TGoodshoes.
<MSTManos> You were kicked from #omega by Blue_Boy (!!!!!BOOM!!!!!)
<CallipyG> TGood: is mirc ignoring you? No. am I ignoring you? Yes.
<CallipyG> of course, he left before i said that.
*** BacallNBog (~java@ has joined #Deep13
<CallipyG> Omega, don't you dare disrespect me
<CallipyG> I'm 52 years old
<Sentroid99> That's sorta sad. I mean it seems as though are friend here, is trying to be a room.
<CallipyG> I was in Nam
<MSTManos> > MSTManos has been placed on the Shut The Fuck Up List. One word from you and your gone. =)
*** BacallNBog has quit IRC (BacallNBog)
<CallipyG> I got my fucking legs blown off by the Viet Cong
<MSTManos> ** You were kicked from #omega by Blue_Boy (YOU have been WaveBanned!!!! We dont like you! >=|)
<CallipyG> i demand RESPECT, boy! RESPECT!
<omega> hahaha
* omega ! waves with WavGet V1.8 ( [mombitch.wav 539KB 69,0 Sec 8bit Mono 8,0kHz] [All Files]
<Sentroid99> Cause you'll find.... that sooner or later..... you won't be able to amount to JACK SQUAT!
*** BobIshmael has quit IRC (Ping timeout for BobIshmael[])
[Sentroid99 SOUND]
*** Bacall (~java@ has joined #Deep13
<Bacall> hello?
<Sentroid99> Lauren?
<Bacall> Well, not literally.
<Bacall> I'm a huge fan.
<MSTManos> Oh
<MSTManos> (Psst! Is that a good thing?"
<MSTManos> (Psst! Is that a good thing?)
<CallipyG> yeah? well
<DarkonZero> I'm not sure.
<Sentroid99> Why would you want to be Lauren Bacall? You're supposed to be TGoodchild.
<omega> hey mrs owner
* CallipyG ! waves with WavGet V1.9
<Bacall> Yeah, see... I was having some form of computer trouble?
<Bacall> So I wanted to start back at square one.
<MSTManos> *** You were kicked from #omega by Blue_Boy (Blue_Boy)
<Sentroid99> Mrs Owner? Wasn't that Andy Griffth's neighbor in The Andy Griffith Show?
<CallipyG> Sent, I believe it's referring to me, so to humor it...
*** CallipyG is now known as Mrs_Owner
-omega- if you say a nother word what i did your a gonner got it
<Mrs_Owner> Yes?
* Mrs_Owner wonders where Mr_Owner is
<Bacall> So what's going down now?
*** DarkonZero is now known as omiga
<Sentroid99> omega, stop harrassing the poor woman!
<MSTManos> -omega- if you say a nother word what i did your a gonner got it
*** Sentroid99 is now known as Mr_Owner
<Mrs_Owner> there you are.
<Mr_Owner> Get off my friggin yard you damn kid!
<omega> what the
<omega> channel is this
<omiga> I'm omiga.
<omega> omiga get of my alternative
<omiga> Ok...
<Mr_Owner> This would be #Deep13, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 channel
*** omiga is now known as Om-ida
<Bacall> Amazing how dropping one letter from off screws up a whole sentence...
<Mr_Owner> But of course, your mind wouldn't know about that, would it?
<omega> oj
<omega> ok
<MSTManos> *** You were kicked from #omega by omega (omega)
<Mr_Owner> O.J.?@?@
<Bacall> Now you're gettin' it...
<Mr_Owner> My God! Omega is O.J. Simpson!
*** Om-ida is now known as omaga
<omega> haha
<omaga> I'm omaga
*** Mrs_Owner is now known as omuga
*** MSTManos is now known as omoga
<Bacall> How do you change your name?
*** Mr_Owner is now known as omyga
<omuga> Bacall: try /nick, but i dunno if it'll work on java
*** FourSpeed ( has joined #deep13
<omaga> We like we try to be.
*** Bacall is now known as TGoodchild
<omoga> Argh!
<omyga> hello there, FourSpeed
<TGoodchild> Ah... that's more like it.
<FourSpeed> greetings
<omuga> i have a Twenty-One Speed
*** dhunter ( has joined #Deep13
<FourSpeed> lol
*** dhunter ( has left #Deep13
<omega> any one whanc wave ban
<omoga> Whoa, where are all these people coming from?
<omaga> I had a ten speed...then it went down to 2 speed.
<omaga> Whanc?
<TGoodchild> Are we doing anything but toying with omega's mind?
<FourSpeed> how many "clones" are in here anyway (and do I really want to know????)
<omyga> whanc?
<omega> whant's
<omoga> whanc?
<omaga> Whant?
<omuga> omoga: i bet they're omega's friends
<omyga> only one. Omega's the clone
*** omoga is now known as omega2
*** Prometheus ( has joined #Deep13
<omega2> Hey there Prom
*** omaga is now known as omega3
<TGoodchild> An entire war over a minor reference to PEZ..
<omega3> Hey Prom.
<Prometheus> Hi, everyone
<TGoodchild> Am I being ignored?
<omuga> hehe... Prom walked in at such a quirky time
<omuga> No, Goodchild... you're just being cynical
<TGoodchild> Actually I'm mainly being confused.
<omega2> Gotta go, folks. Lemme know what happens.
<omyga> k, c-ya
<omega3> Bye!
<Prometheus> See ya
*** omyga is now known as omega_
*** omega2 has quit IRC (Leaving)
<TGoodchild> adios...
*** omega3 is now known as O-mega
<TGoodchild> What am I missing here?
<O-mega> We are the omega fan club.
<omega_> Mr. O Mega
<omega> lets party
*** Blue_Boy has joined #deep13
<omuga> hey, did the big man himself ever give us back our PEZ?
<omega> !party on
* Blue_Boy has enabled the Partyline, with currently 0 user(s), type !joinp to join it.
<omega> !leave
<O-mega> !bite me
<omega_> !O-Mega
*** Blue_Boy has left #deep13
<TGoodchild> I think I'm looking like an idiot to you folks?
<TGoodchild> Am I right?
<omega> bye and fuck you
<omuga> No, you're just looking cynical!
*** omega has quit IRC (don't have much fun with out me)
<O-mega> Uh huh.
<omega_> yeah, you do that, omega
<omuga> WE WON'T, OMEGA

After the madness of the PEZing had ended, the channel's remaining regulars, after what would ultimately be considered the most important night in the history of the channel—though it wasn't evident at the time—explained their actions to a newcoming visitor named TGoodchild while expounding on the meaning of life. Or something.

<TGoodchild> *sigh*
<TGoodchild> See, I just sign on to IRC to *talk* - am I missing the point?
<DarkonZero> T.....IRC is not just for talk.
<TGoodchild> I see that - but stuff like what just happened just irritates me.
<CallipyG> DZ couldnt have said it better
<CallipyG> Don't be one-dimensional
<CallipyG> Have fun!
<TGoodchild> Well, see, when stuff like that happens... I don't know what's going on..
<TGoodchild> I get lost.
<CallipyG> T, we were lost too
<CallipyG> do you think we all knew who each other were?
<CallipyG> [that sentence coulda been better phrased, undoubtedly]
<TGoodchild> No, no, I mean spending a half an hour playing tricks on omega...
<TGoodchild> I lose sight of the point.
*** Lunanick has joined #Deep13
<CallipyG> Some stuff in life doesn't have a point... you do it just for the hell of it
<Sentroid99> hello there, Lunanick
<Lunanick> Life has no point.
<DarkonZero> And neither do we.
<Lunanick> You just do it for the hell of it.
<CallipyG> thats something i wish my dad would learn
<Sentroid99> Locdog?
<TGoodchild> Let me rephrase... I don't particularly enjoy it - I get bored and frustrated.
<CallipyG> Yeah, Lunanick, but some things in life have a point
<Lunanick> Like what.
<CallipyG> others don't
<Sentroid99> Everything happens for a reason. Like I'm getting fired from Drug Fair so I can get that vacation I wanted.
<TGoodchild> I'd rather talk than mock strangers, see.
<DarkonZero> We talk......just we do it differently.
<CallipyG> i go to work every day, Lunanick, so i can make money
<CallipyG> going to work has a point
<CallipyG> it may suck, but it has a point
<DarkonZero> Yes....going to work has a point.
<TGoodchild> Maybe I'm just jealous because the focus of the conversation got snatched away from me...
<CallipyG> uh, T, i dont think there WAS a focus
<DarkonZero> Jealous....what is there to be jealous of?
<Lunanick> Hello?
<DarkonZero> We neever focus...unless we want to.
<CallipyG> Hello.
<TGoodchild> Well, see, before, people were actually responding when I talked... I like that... keeps me interested.
<DarkonZero> We are interested in only weirdness....
<DarkonZero> Some of the time.
<CallipyG> Chaos.
<DarkonZero> And fun....
<CallipyG> Chaos is fun.
<CallipyG> Order is not fun.
<DarkonZero> Chaos...and fun....go hand in hand.
*** CallipyG changes topic to '<DarkonZero> Chaos...and fun....go hand in hand.'
<TGoodchild> Well, I'm an architect... I have a perverse fascination with order (and Lauren Bacall)
<DarkonZero> Architecture it has too muh order.
<DarkonZero> muh to much
*** Lunanick has quit IRC (Read error to Lunanick[]: Connection reset by peer)
<TGoodchild> hey, hey... I don't bad-mouth your life's work, do I?
<CallipyG> its not bad-mouthing, T, its his opinion
<DarkonZero> No......but there is order, and ther is gotta face both.
<DarkonZero> ther to there
<DarkonZero> See....this is chaos.....
<TGoodchild> Well, duh. Architecture is about shaping the environment to human needs - and humans are the most chaotic force in the universe...
<DarkonZero> And this is talk.....and you said there was no talk.
<CallipyG> that's why it has so much order
<TGoodchild> No, I said I prefered talk.
<CallipyG> i hope you realize that, being an architect and all
<DarkonZero> We are fans of a funny (and chaotic) show.
<DarkonZero> That's why we are the way we are.
<CallipyG> T, are you a Republican?
<TGoodchild> Tough question.
<TGoodchild> I'm a registered Democrat, a knee-jerk Libertarian, an optimistic anarchist, and a fan of Ayn Rand.
<TGoodchild> Got that?
<DarkonZero> That we do.....
<CallipyG> knee-jerk Libertarian?
*** Sentroid99 has quit IRC (Ping timeout for Sentroid99[])
<TGoodchild> Yeah, my first impulse is "Why do we need a government to do *whatever*"
<CallipyG> that's a good first impulse. A good second and third impulse too, i might add.
<DarkonZero> Mine is.....why as there ever a government.
<DarkonZero> as to was
<DarkonZero> I lose a bunch of letters, hehe.
<TGoodchild> Anyway, all I was trying to say was that I don't see the humor in screwing with omega.
<TGoodchild> Didn't need to bring chaos and order and whatnot into it.
<DarkonZero> Well....we always mess with someone.
<CallipyG> No, I didn't, but what the hell?
<DarkonZero> not all the time......just who we think deserves it.
<DarkonZero> and Bob.....that pretty much sums it up.
<CallipyG> did you happen to grasp omega's probable mental capabilities, T?
<TGoodchild> So he was slow... at least he seemed slow in IRC.
<TGoodchild> I was slow when I started doing this... hell, I still am.
<CallipyG> yeah, well that's where the "probable" comes into play.
<TGoodchild> See, I identified with omega a bit.
<CallipyG> Yes, but you don't have an ego about you
<DarkonZero> Actually omega has knowledge of IRC.......
<TGoodchild> Oh, you'd be surprised, Callipy...
<DarkonZero> Though he was poor at it.
<CallipyG> It hasn't shown, T, or else you'd be "exiled" along with him
<TGoodchild> Well, besides, omega's problem wasn't ego, it was simple manners.
<TGoodchild> Ego is a good thing (most of the time)
<CallipyG> No, if you go deeper, it was his ego that was the problem.
<CallipyG> To a certain extent, it is.
<TGoodchild> Anyway... debating psychology through a computer is dangerous...
<TGoodchild> It's getting on towards 2 AM in Roswell... think I may call it a night.
<CallipyG> all righty then
<DarkonZero> Have a good night.
<CallipyG> it's been fun... we don't get many truly intelligent people passing through here much.
<TGoodchild> adios, all!
*** TGoodchild has quit IRC (TGoodchild)