The New #Deep13 Website: Simple, Prettier, and More Modern
Posted by RobertoKay on 11-08-2013 @ 01:32:41 AM EST

A few weeks ago, I made a post announcing some cutbacks on site content, and an upcoming consolidation of a few items to our "Miscellaneous" page. I did plan on going through with it... but then I thought about the design of the site itself, and how my plan in 2010 to make it look "cleaner" ended up resulting in a grey, antiseptic mess that looked far less inviting than not only the previous design, but even designs from years past.

So, with that in mind, I decided to take on the design of the site to create something just as streamlined and make it prettier. I also wanted to take advantage of the new advances made by HTML5, but not so much that the site became a clunky widget gallery.

And so it's with that in mind that I welcome you to the 2013 edition of the #Deep13 website. Take a look around and notice all the new stuff, including these changes and additions:

  • The chat box has been moved to the front page for easy access. Mibbit has been changed to Kiwi IRC, an equally serviceable client which utilizes HTML5.
  • "Miscellaneous" has now been renamed "Extras," to reflect all the archived audio/visual content from the channel over the years.
  • The "Slipstream" video now utilizes an HTML5 player with a working seek function.
  • Despite the "Skype Weekend" page being scrapped, some audio bits from the Skype sessions are now available, with an HTML5 player embedded for easy listening. There's also a repository of "And I Quote" audio from the same period.
  • In addition, there are now links to #Deep13-related YouTube content that we've worked on in recent years.
  • On top of a couple of logfiles we've made public, we now link to a GIANT repository of logs that have been converted to an easy-to-read HTML format, donated to me a long time ago by DarkonZero and spanning a four-year period from 1999 to 2003.
  • Links to additional external content are now in the "Extras" page, including the link to our Spreadshirt store.

Although this site - and even the old - has been known to be a constant work-in-progress, this is the first time in a long time that I feel confident in saying that work on this site is now complete, and that any new additions going forward will simply be that: additions.

I hope you enjoy what you see, and thank you for keeping the #Deep13 community alive with your patronage.

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The Site That Wouldn't Die!
Posted by RobertoKay on 10-27-2013 @ 05:01:48 PM EDT

Have you been waiting for an update to this site?



Well, the good news is, I finally have an update to provide on the latest #Deep13/website happenings. The bad news is, there's going to be a lot less on this site than you were previously used to.

The planned Skype Weekend page is going to be scrapped as the Skype weekends themselves have been put to rest due to time constraints by its regulars. In addition, the Staff page is being removed as there isn't really a "staff" to speak of. However, I do plan on expanding the Miscellaneous page to include some more features as I upload them.

Obviously, activity in the chatroom is very stagnant, but the Facebook group is as good a place as any to keep up with former regulars. I wouldn't suggest it's "thriving," but it has a hell of a lot more activity than the chatroom does nowadays. The group is currently closed to non-members, but only in super-ultra-rare circumstances will a request to join lead to a denial. #Deep13 also has a Google+ group in need of regulars, and I do plan on including a link on the main page. Until then, however, you can click here.

#Deep13 will be turning 16 years old in December of 2013, which is a pretty long ride for a small community. I hope to continue the ride with all you guys in 2014. For now, enjoy the holiday season!

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Under Construction
Posted by RobertoKay on 06-18-2012 @ 08:51:28 PM EDT

If you've wandered onto the website for the first time in a while, you may have noticed a change to site's design, as well as a broken link here or there. What's happening is that I've decided to go forward with some aesthetic changes I devised back in 2010, but never bothered to implement, for whatever reason. The existing individual pages are being updated with the new design and less ambiguous titles. In addition, some new pages are being created, including the Skype Weekend page which will feature some audio snippets of the #Deep13 crew that have never before been made public!

The overhaul is, as of this writing, not complete, but I'm close to getting everything done. Part of the overhaul involved dumping Coranto (which broke as part of a recent server migration) in favor of the PHP-based Fusion, which is what was used to create this post. A news post in the future will announce when the process is completed and give a detailed breakdown of all the neat changes we've made. Until then, thanks for visiting!

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