The Site That Wouldn't Die! :: 10-27-2013 @ 05:01:48 PM EDT :: posted by RobertoKay

Have you been waiting for an update to this site?



Well, the good news is, I finally have an update to provide on the latest #Deep13/website happenings. The bad news is, there's going to be a lot less on this site than you were previously used to.

The planned Skype Weekend page is going to be scrapped as the Skype weekends themselves have been put to rest due to time constraints by its regulars. In addition, the Staff page is being removed as there isn't really a "staff" to speak of. However, I do plan on expanding the Miscellaneous page to include some more features as I upload them.

Obviously, activity in the chatroom is very stagnant, but the Facebook group is as good a place as any to keep up with former regulars. I wouldn't suggest it's "thriving," but it has a hell of a lot more activity than the chatroom does nowadays. The group is currently closed to non-members, but only in super-ultra-rare circumstances will a request to join lead to a denial. #Deep13 also has a Google+ group in need of regulars, and I do plan on including a link on the main page. Until then, however, you can click here.

#Deep13 will be turning 16 years old in December of 2013, which is a pretty long ride for a small community. I hope to continue the ride with all you guys in 2014. For now, enjoy the holiday season!

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