The New #Deep13 Website: Simple, Prettier, and More Modern :: 11-08-2013 @ 01:32:41 AM EST :: posted by RobertoKay

A few weeks ago, I made a post announcing some cutbacks on site content, and an upcoming consolidation of a few items to our "Miscellaneous" page. I did plan on going through with it... but then I thought about the design of the site itself, and how my plan in 2010 to make it look "cleaner" ended up resulting in a grey, antiseptic mess that looked far less inviting than not only the previous design, but even designs from years past.

So, with that in mind, I decided to take on the design of the site to create something just as streamlined and make it prettier. I also wanted to take advantage of the new advances made by HTML5, but not so much that the site became a clunky widget gallery.

And so it's with that in mind that I welcome you to the 2013 edition of the #Deep13 website. Take a look around and notice all the new stuff, including these changes and additions:

  • The chat box has been moved to the front page for easy access. Mibbit has been changed to Kiwi IRC, an equally serviceable client which utilizes HTML5.
  • "Miscellaneous" has now been renamed "Extras," to reflect all the archived audio/visual content from the channel over the years.
  • The "Slipstream" video now utilizes an HTML5 player with a working seek function.
  • Despite the "Skype Weekend" page being scrapped, some audio bits from the Skype sessions are now available, with an HTML5 player embedded for easy listening. There's also a repository of "And I Quote" audio from the same period.
  • In addition, there are now links to #Deep13-related YouTube content that we've worked on in recent years.
  • On top of a couple of logfiles we've made public, we now link to a GIANT repository of logs that have been converted to an easy-to-read HTML format, donated to me a long time ago by DarkonZero and spanning a four-year period from 1999 to 2003.
  • Links to additional external content are now in the "Extras" page, including the link to our Spreadshirt store.

Although this site - and even the old - has been known to be a constant work-in-progress, this is the first time in a long time that I feel confident in saying that work on this site is now complete, and that any new additions going forward will simply be that: additions.

I hope you enjoy what you see, and thank you for keeping the #Deep13 community alive with your patronage.

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